Bovis Bets


~~ 1st July 2017 ~~

A storming end to June sees us take this year's effective interest rate up over 300% at the half-way stage.

~~ 28th Feb 2017 ~~

February makes it 9 consecutive months of profit.
Secret Facebook Group created exclusively for lifetime members.

~~ 3rd Feb 2017 ~~

Started another nice run of winning months.
January makes it 8 months in a row.
New email address set up to improve efficiency, and some much overdue updates to the website here too.
Growth rate in 2016 was the equivalent of 1100 % interest.

~~ 11th Sept 2016 ~~

Landed the winner of the St Leger at a massive 25-1.
Had been 33-1 in many places through the morning too!

~~ 18th Feb 2016 ~~

The Daily service is now scrapped - those selections may be sent to regular members in addition to their regular selections.
This increases our volume of bets greatly.

~~ 4th Feb 2015 ~~

Using a staking plan of 1 point = 1% of the start of month's betting pot, 2014's growth was 634.6 %.
Growth in 2013 had been a whopping 1014.7 % !

~~ 9th Nov 2014 ~~
October took us to 26 profitable months from the last 27.
A new daily service is launched which includes the option for a
refund for any losing selections that the service provides.
( See contact page for details )

~~ 11th Sept 2014 ~~
24 out the last 25 months have yielded profits for our service.
BITCOIN invoices can now be issued in ANY CURRENCY for main service subscribers that do not wish to hold their own Bitcoin wallet.

~~ 22nd Jan 2014 ~~
Now 17 months of consecutive profit.
Membership can now only be paid for in Bitcoin.
Lifetime membership terms introduced.

~~ 1st April 2013 ~~
After openly proofing 8 straight months of profit on here for free this service will now move to membership only.
This is due to the majority of my bookmakers closing my accounts.